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03/05- SOLD OUT- Lucy Score at Main Street Books

FAQs for Lucy Score's Event at Main Street Books


Q: Can I still get tickets to attend this event?

A: No. This event is completely sold out.

Q: I hear there is a new signing date on March 4th. Are there tickets to that date available?

A: No. The Saturday evening signing is purely to alleviate the immense number of readers attending this event. We are breaking the current attendees into two groups to cut down on the time fans spend in line and to make sure Lucy is comfortable with the number of books she signs. This new date DOES NOT open up any new tickets.

Q: I have tickets to the Sunday event, but someone I know got an email asking them to move to Saturday night. What's up with that?

A: To break up the number of books Lucy has to sign at one time, we are asking readers in the order they purchased their tickets if they would prefer to move to Saturday. There are a limited number of slots available for Saturday, so we are emailing attendees in batches. We will send out an email to all attendees when the Saturday attendance list is finalized. If you do not receive an email specifically asking you to move to Saturday, then you will need to attend the event on Sunday.

Q: Can I request to change my ticket to Saturday night if Main Street Books doesn’t email me?

A: No. We will be emailing about switching to Saturday in the order that tickets were purchased, and the Saturday slots will likely fill up very soon. 

Q: If I receive an email about switching to Saturday and opt to do so, how do I know when to arrive?

A: All attendees who opt to switch to Saturday will receive an email confirming both their line group number and the time they need to arrive at the event.

Q: If I'm attending Lucy's Sunday signing, when do the doors open?

A: Because we don't want to create a line to get in a line, so to speak, all Sunday attendees will be emailed a Line Group Number, which will be assigned based on the order in which your tickets were purchased. Each group will be assigned an arrival time so as not to overcrowd the bookstore and the author.

Q: My friends and I were assigned different line groups. Is there a way to be assigned to the same line group?

A: If parties would liked to be grouped together, send an email to and we will assign everyone to the line group of the last person in the party to register.

Q: If we're in a later line group, how will we know when to arrive at  Main Street Books?

A: We will give an approximate arrival time to each line group, and we will also be announcing line groups on social media and outside the bookstore. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date.

Q: I'm in one of the last line groups! What can I do while I'm waiting for my turn?

A: Main Street St. Charles is home to many restaurants, coffee shops, stores, boutiques, and tourist attractions. Here is a list of stores and eateries closer to the event so that you can plan your day around the signing. You are not obligated to wait around or in Main Street Books, as the store will already be extremely crowded. You are also welcome to time your arrival to your signing line time if you are driving in from out of town or simply want to wait at home.

Q: What time does the Sunday event start?

A: We have moved the Sunday event up to 11:30am- Line Group 1 will be admitted at that time.

Q: Will Lucy be speaking/have a presentation?

A: No, this is just a book signing. There will not be a talk or a presentation.

Q: Will Lucy take a picture with me?

A: Yes. We will have a chair next to Lucy for fans to sit while Lucy signs books. A Main Street Books staff member will take your phone or camera and take photos for you during your turn. Lucy will not stand for any pictures.

Q: How many books will she sign?

A: We had originally stated that Lucy would sign a large number of books. Unfortunately, due to the large number of attendees and out of concern for Lucy's well-being, Lucy will only sign two books per attendee, both of which must be purchased from Main Street Books. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment. However, this is a mandate directly from the publisher to make sure the signing does not take an unreasonable amount of time.

Q: Will there be books available for purchase from Main Street Books on the day(s) of the event?

A: Yes. Every attendee will receive a copy of THINGS WE HIDE FROM THE LIGHT (unless otherwise specified), and we will have copies of THINGS WE NEVER GOT OVER, BY A THREAD, and FOREVER NEVER available for purchase.

Q: My question is not answered here! What can I do?

A: If your question is not answered in the above FAQ list, please email with your question.

PLEASE NOTE: Our event coordinator, Emily, will be out of the store attending a conference from February 19th through February 24th and will not be regularly responding to emails. She will try to answer questions in a timely manner, but can't promise anything. Please double check that your question is not answered above before sending an email. If she does not answer your question during the week, you can expect an answer no later than Monday, February 27th.

If you call Main Street Books with any questions, please note that our staff only knows the answer to the above questions and will be referring everyone to this page. For a specific question not answered here, you will need to email Emily.

Event Date: 
Sunday, March 5, 2023 - 11:30am
307 S. Main Street
St. Charles, MO 63301