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Amazon Parrots. Amazon Parrots as pets. Amazon Parrots Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health. (Paperback)

Amazon Parrots. Amazon Parrots as pets. Amazon Parrots Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health. Cover Image
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Amazon parrots are amongst the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world. They are native to South and Central America. These birds have been taken all over the world by explorers who were simply fascinated by the variety in coloration of these gorgeous birds. These birds are extremely intelligent and, of course, exotic. For new parrot owners, bringing home Amazon parrots can be an interesting experience. While these birds make extremely wonderful pets and companions, training them requires a great deal of patience. You also need to try and understand the behavior of your bird to bond with it better and find a simple way to train your bird. Since these are exotic birds, their care requirements are also quite specific. You will have to make sure that you fulfil the dietary needs of these birds and give them the right housing as well. That is when you can prevent any health issues and problems with your birds. Remember, like any bird, the Amazon parrot, too, is highly susceptible to diseases and infections. Taking proper care and keeping the bird active is the key to a healthy pet. This book will tell you all about: -The history and origin of the species -Caring for the bird for the first few days -Routine care for Amazon parrots -Amazon parrot healthcare -Bonding activities for amazon parrot owners -Legal considerations with an Amazon parrot -Housing considerations -Feeding requirements of Amazon parrots This book is your parrot 101 if you are a first time owner. For those who have already had parrots but want to bring home an Amazon parrot, this book is a great insight into the specific requirements of the Amazon parrot. The tips and suggestions in this book have been obtained by experts in the world of Amazon parrots. They are individuals who have housed and cared for Amazon parrots for several years. Therefore, you can be assured that everything mentioned in the book prepares you for your life with the Amazon parrot. It will also help you decide if you can take up the responsibility of this bird or not. If you think you are ready, you will find a great companion in this book. Here is hoping that you have the most memorable time with your wonderful Amazon companion.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781911142546
ISBN-10: 1911142542
Publisher: Imb Publishing Amazon Parrot
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2016
Pages: 122
Language: English