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Skinny Pig. Skinny Guinea Pigs Owners Manual. How to raise happy and healthy Skinny Pigs. (Paperback)

Skinny Pig. Skinny Guinea Pigs Owners Manual. How to raise happy and healthy Skinny Pigs. Cover Image
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If you have ever considered keeping guinea pigs as pets, the skinny pig is a unique breed to consider. Although this breed of guinea pig doesn't have much hair, it has a friendly and outgoing personality that makes it a wonderful pet for adults and children alike. In this book you will find a wealth of information about the skinny pig as well as information about caring for guinea pigs in general. Covered in this book: - History of the breed - Comparison to other guinea pig breeds - Cost of care - Pros and cons - Habitat requirements - Daily care - Teaching your guinea pig simple commands - Litter training - Handling - Common health problems - Formulating a healthy diet - Keeping your guinea pig healthy - Breeding your guinea pig - Showing your guinea pig ... and much more. By the time you finish this book not only will you be equipped to decide whether or not the skinny pig is the right breed for you, but you will have all the information you need to get started as a guinea pig owner. The Author, Ludwig Ledgewood says: I have always loved animals but guinea pigs are by far my favorite. There is just something about the way they squeal in excitement when I enter the room and the way they jump for joy when I give them a pile of hay. That just warms my heart. I have been keeping guinea pigs for more than a decade and my love for them grows stronger each and every day. That is why I decided to write this book - to share my love for these wonderful creatures with you. It is my hope that in reading this book you will come to understand why I love guinea pigs so much and that you might start to feel a little bit of that love yourself.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781910941607
ISBN-10: 1910941603
Publisher: Imb Publishing
Publication Date: August 28th, 2015
Pages: 122
Language: English