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Jumping Spiders. Jumping Spider Pet Owners Guide. (Paperback)

Jumping Spiders. Jumping Spider Pet Owners Guide. Cover Image
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Jumping Spiders are part of the Salticidae family. In recent years, they have become a popular domestic pet for those who like to keep exotic and unusual creatures. Jumping Spiders are intelligent and can be great fun to keep as pets. However, be aware that these spiders do bite but only as a defense mechanism, so handle them with care.If you are in a country where Jumping Spiders live in the wild you can, in theory, find one in your local area for free. Some people will say this is unethical because wild creatures should be left in the wild. The flip side of this however is that you may be giving the Jumping Spider an easier and longer life than it may have in the wild if you keep it in the optimum conditions. Let's face it, in the wild they are at risk of dying at a young age either by being attacked by a predator, lack of food being available or due to extreme weather conditions. Indeed, some people take in Jumping Spiders purely for the winter and release them again when the warmer months arrive. This book teaches you everything you need to know to make you a happy spider owner and make your spider a happy pet. Covered in this book: -Buying your spider-Care-Common Medial Conditions-Costs-Enclosures-Feeding-Handling-Health-Molting-Most popular species as pets-One spider or more?-Settling in-Waterand much moreI hope you will enjoy spending time with your Jumping Spider.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781788651219
ISBN-10: 1788651219
Publisher: Zoodoo Publishing
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
Pages: 108
Language: English