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If Not for the Darkness (Paperback)

If Not for the Darkness Cover Image
By Megan Lee Martin, Jessica Powers (Cover Design by)
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There are bonds of the human hand, and bonds of the human heart.


is sold into sex slavery at age eight in Calcutta, India; her bonds spiritual as well as physical. She hears of the love of an English God, and decides to pursue the message inside the Book she was given by a missionary--a chase that leads her onboard the Audriel, and into the world of


an English captain bound to the emotional turmoil of his past, his soul a turbulent sea. Hardened by life, forgiveness is not easily given--to the God he blames, nor to the tarnished Indian woman who has boarded his ship in secret. But his heart softens at the influence of


a young girl, weakened physically by a mysterious ailment, but strong in Hope. The raven-haired, vivacious young girl is determined to bring Jon and Sharrah to her Lord... and to each other...

AS THE AUDRIEL travels from Calcutta to England, secrets will be uncovered, lives will be changed, and God will move in the hearts of man for His glory.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781532387692
ISBN-10: 1532387695
Publisher: 3 Jw LLC DBA Coco Publications
Publication Date: November 9th, 2018
Pages: 316
Language: English