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The Word: The New Testament from 26 Translations (Paperback)

The Word: The New Testament from 26 Translations Cover Image
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Quick. Simple. Effective."Unparalleled Understanding from the Best of 26 New Testaments in One."It's an extremely simple, easy-to-use, multi-translation New Testament that turns ordinary reading into an extraordinary understanding of scripture.And this new edition is all about convenience--merging more than 1,200 former two-column pages into fewer than 500, 8.5" x 11", four-column pages formatted for personal reading, meditation, and teaching."No single Bible translation captures the synergistic, almost three-dimensional shades of meaning found in THE WORD: The New Testament from 26 Translations. Each time-tested, classic translation serves as a commentary to the others." The Word's Insta-Study Format (TM) features the complete KJV in bold-face type, immediately followed by the most significant insights researched from 25 time-tested classic translations, including: The Amplified Bible, ASV, NASV, RSV, Living Bible, Bible in Basic English, Phillips Translations, Knox Translation, and more than a dozen other classics--all in one place.General Editor Curtis Vaughan, Th.D., led an editorial board representing seminaries and universities from the United States, Canada, Scotland, and New Zealand--using translations from 19 leading English Bible publishers."So much information in a hurry.""Simpler and faster than hubs, gateways, and other click and read software.""Instant Bible study.""...brings extraordinary understanding to the ordinary reader..."" ingenious tool for teaching and personal study. You're going to love it.""Unparalleled understanding from the best of 26 New Testaments in one." .

Product Details
ISBN: 9780935491029
ISBN-10: 0935491023
Publisher: Mathis Publishers, Inc.
Publication Date: April 15th, 2017
Pages: 466
Language: English